At this year’s award ceremony, Monigle was awarded Gold for the work and partnership on the rebrand with WTW, taking the win in the category for best visual identity.  We couldn’t be more thrilled with our partnership, and the work that our team put forward.

View more of the work we did with WTW here.

Synopsis from award ceremony:

Insurance advisory firm WTW faces huge pressure from competitors for people – be that fostering relationships or hiring the very best. Seeking to re-establish its identity following a failed deal with another industry leader, it turned to Monigle to work out precisely how to galvanize its employees and send a clear signal to the industry through a rebrand. Doubling down on an already audacious and fearless identity with the use of a bright purple master color, the new WTW logo brings the brand’s bold perspective to life.

From the judges:

Deemed a success internally across the organization, the “clean”, “bold” and “fresh” logo was liked by the judges. “A modern brand transformation executed in a super-quick timeframe!” commented one judge, while another described the project as “best of the bunch.

Congrats to the full team on such an excellent award.

To view full awards, visit Transform Awards release.

We take pride in our approach in partnering shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to produce humanized brands that move people to action. If you are interested in chatting with us more about our work with WTW, or our approach to brand problems that we solve uniquely, reach out to us here.