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Humanizing Brand Experience: Highlights and Implications

Dig into the key highlights and implications from the newly released Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 3 report, revealing what 25,000 consumers say is most important in their health care experience. Now, more than ever, this new data, coupled with current COVID insights, will better equip health care brand and experience leaders to build more human experiences in the face of rapidly-changing environments and consumer expectations.

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Leadership in the New Era of Experience

As health care organizations seek to create a more human, consumer-focused experience, the best results will happen when marketing and patient experience leaders work together. Hear new research on what consumers want from their health care providers. Learn how Stanford Health Care designed a new hospital that provides a more patient- and family-friendly experience and the most advanced care in the world.

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HMPS Speakers

Keynote Session: Health Care Consumerism: A Conversation

We’re now firmly entrenched in the consumer age—even in health care. How are consumer expectations driving change; what can we expect in the future; and how do we, as health care providers, navigate this quickly changing landscape to build better, more compelling brands and experiences? Join Paul Keckley, one of the nation’s leading health care research and policy experts, and Kaveh Safavi, senior managing director of global health care at Accenture and respected technology and trends expert, for a special conversation that will enlighten, engage, and empower you for the future. Justin Wartell, brand experience expert and managing principal at Monigle, will moderate.

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Brand Leadership Through Covid-19: Northwell Health’s Approach

COVID-19 is quickly changing health care, and organizations at the forefront of this change are charting the course for what’s next. Northwell Health took unprecedented early action as the crisis took hold and has shaped the local, national, and global dialogue around the pandemic. Grounded in data; steeped in strategy; and guided by a meticulous, disciplined approach, Ramon Soto and the Marketing, Communications, and Brand teams at Northwell are guiding the organization as it gets back to business in a post-COVID-19 world.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Northwell’s brand stature has skyrocketed
  • How consumer data Monigle is collecting is driving Northwell’s decision-making as it draws people back to health care
  • Actionable steps you can take at different phases of recovery from the pandemic

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COVID-19: A Catalyst for a More Human Experience

This is health care’s moment. The core elements of brand experience have been magnified by the pressure COVID-19 has put on the health care industry. Health care marketers now have the best opportunity to shape and lead the dialogue on a more human experience for their organization.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What’s working and what isn’t in advocating for change internally and externally
  • Connect data-driven insights to real-world actions being deployed by leading health care systems
  • Understand the trends that are here to stay and what to do about them
  • Real-world examples from your colleagues who are leading the way within their health care organizations

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