We made a cookbook

That’s right, this year we’re celebrating with our favorite drinks, tasty treats and stories across Monigle. Each recipe is the beginning of a tradition, a love story or a family favorite we want to share with you. Here, we’re family, and we get all the feels when we think of you making some of these recipes with your family, sharing them with friends, or heck, even bringing the deliciousness into work to share with your colleagues. We like to think of it as the Monigle Food Effect.

While you might be thinking ‘a cookbook?! from a brand agency?! this is crazy’—we think it’s crazy awesome. As branders, designers, developers, strategists, builders, motivators and creators, we need some sort of outlet—cue the kitchen.

“We have our own Monigle brew—yes, we brew our own beer, and we make brands.”
John Dohner: Program Director – Environmental, Monigle

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