Blue Federal Credit Union

“Blue it forward” campaign

If phase one was about those who “blue it”—by saving money, seeking adventure, and starting new chapters—phase two is about how Blue members “blue it forward.” But what exactly does that mean?

To “blue it forward” means different things to different people. For some, it means to keep chasing our aspirations with fierce abandonment (and of course, smart planning). For others, it means to pass on the help that’s been passed on to us. (Like paying it forward, but through personal finance.)

To “blue it forward” is to do good for others as you’ve done for yourself. To take positive action and see it inspire a domino effect of change to happen. To bottle the power of money and use it to lift-up your next-door neighbors, far-flung friends and good-to-see-you acquaintances.

“Blue it forward” and you’ll see bridges built, bonds formed, and the dreams of others turn to solid ground under all of our feet. Because when you bank at Blue Federal Credit Union, entire neighborhoods, towns, and communities move forward when you do.