The hard work of activating and sustaining your brand truly begins on day two and beyond. Learn more about our Brand Activation services.

The hard work of activating and sustaining your brand truly begins on day two and beyond.

Brand owners need more than just a set of PDF guidelines and a nicely designed brand book to inspire and engage employees to live the brand. Activation is an essential  but often ignored part of the brand owner’s playbook. As brands become increasingly defined by the experience they deliver, the brand owner’s remit has shifted from marketing scale to one of greater horizontal, cross-functional influence.

Few firms understand the hard work that occurs behind the scenes to translate a brand’s strategy and values from a PowerPoint presentation into the real world and sustain the brand ideology every day.

Building buy-in and consensus across the organization requires brand leaders to possess a core set of skills and carefully craft specific elements to prevent the threat of stagnation, the silent assassin that most inhibits successful brand activation.

To give your brand a fighting chance, you need the three pillars of brand sustainability– people, process, and tools.  This subject-matter may seem ambigious for many especially in situations where the textbook is still being written.


  • Create a structure that allows you to govern the brand successfully
  • Include representatives from all important business areas
  • Set clear internal stakeholders


  • Outline a review and approval process
  • Develop clear guidelines on how the brand is managed and who owns what aspect
  • Create success metrics internally and externally


  • Comprehensive visual, verbal,and experiential guidelines
  • Intuitive and complete online brand center
  • Cross-functional brand training and education

Our Activation services include:

Brand Implementation Planning

It is critical to spend the appropriate amount of time up-front planning to create a go-to-market playbook that makes the new strategy actionable across channels, including a roadmap for implementing the new brand.

  • Implementation - Identify and prioritize touchpoints for conversion
  • Governance – A needs assessment for how to effectively manage the brand
  • Engagement – A plan to educate and inspire employees around the importance of a purposeful brand
  • Launch – A plan to efficiently and effectively launch the brand with impact

Brand Governance

Brand governance is not a single idea. Rather, it is a coordinated set of brand management actions.


Marketing Organizational Design

Creating the optimal organizational structure for effective marketing and brand management both internally and for the management of external agency partners


Brand Management Processes

Defining clear processes for how ideas come to life, facilitating proper sequencing for work request, ensuring coordination and collaboration across groups, and building time-efficient, cost-effective ways to implement new ideas


Brand Council

Establishing the rules for governing and operationalizing a Brand Council across functions, business units, and geographies


Leadership Training

Educating senior leadership teams on the role of executives in living and communicating the brand

Brand Engagement

Employee Engagement Programs

Creating brand experiences that inspire employees to live out the brand promise every day, including:

  • Employee engagement survey
  • Employee experience launch
  • Translation of brand purpose to job titles and functions
  • Recommendations for reward and recognition and integrating brand metrics into HR performance plans
  • Employee experience mapping and creative concepting for experiences aligned with the employee journey
  • Communications planning

Brand Ambassador Program

Create a cross-functional group of internal brand champions to act as an extension of the brand team to communicate, educate, and promote the brand promise and values among co-workers. Brand Ambassador activities occur during pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases, acting as models and contributing with creative ideas and providing feedback from the trenches to the brand team.

Brand Engagement & Asset Management (BEAM)

Designed internally by our brand experts, our software platform enables organizations to deploy brand in the real world with consistency, security, and unparalleled efficiency. The platform connects all stakeholders (both internally and externally), centrally manages and distributes policies, guidelines, and best practices, while simultaneously ensuring that resources are up-to-date and on-brand when used.


Key product and approach benefits include:

  • Empower stakeholders to produce on-brand experiences
  • Activate a more inspired approach to implementation
  • Maximize management efficiency
  • Grow your brand without access, storage, or throughput limitations
  • Learn from the best practices of leading brands
  • Guide product development for future releases
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