Case Study

Johnson & Johnson



Creating a consistent and impactful experience across external events

Experience strategy
Signature moments
Exhibit design
Environmental graphics
Signage and wayfinding
Artwork consultation



Imagine walking into a trade show where every brand at every booth is jockeying for your attention. What ultimately draws you in? And more importantly, what gets you to stay?

External events like these are where Johnson & Johnson invite their attendees to discover their new and exciting solutions, connect with others, and get involved. They’re an opportunity to change people’s perceptions of the brand– from an item on the shelf at a pharmacy to a partner for innovation.

But Johnson & Johnson faced a challenge of consistency. To deliver a unified brand experience anywhere in the world, they needed scalable guidance–no matter the shape or size of the business unit or event—to elevate touchpoints into memorable moments and proof points into compelling human experiences. Enter: Monigle.

Translating Strategy to Design


We started by looking at each event through the attendee’s eyes. What was their journey like? What were the right moments to engage them? And what message should be communicated at each of these critical moments? Our approach netted a two-framework solution: codify critical steps of the attendee journey and identify the most impactful messaging.

To create these frameworks, we identified challenges and opportunities in their existing event plans. Then through workshops, we dug into the existing brand platform to consider how Heart, Science, and Ingenuity (their purpose) could translate into physical space and experiences.

In the attendee journey, we gave every experience its key moments, arranged to guide visitors through. Along the way are a variety of touchpoints and elements for memorable engagement. When these moments and touchpoints align, we can share powerful and unique Johnson & Johnson experiences and stories.

Our messaging framework helps us identify what we need to say—and how our messages appear—at each moment of the attendee journey. With the right message at the right time, we can connect with our audiences and give them information that addresses the problems they are facing.

Journey Mapping

Each of our 6 journey moments—attract, welcome, discover, learn, connect and act—are laid along a visitor path. As attendees travel from one journey moment to the next, the connectedness between moments overlaps and interplays in the space. This produces an organic flow throughout the structure, creating a seamless and integrated experience that encourages exploration, engagement, and interaction.

Journey Moments

J&J Designs


J&J Messaging

A scalable solution

Toolkit elements

Experience Guidelines

The Experience Guidelines were used to create rules, document the design, and provide guidance to consultants–such as fabricators and internal design teams–on the design and experience strategy.

Along with documenting the design intent, and key design elements, there are detailed recommendations for the do’s and don’ts of environmental graphics and high-level specifications for finishings, furnishings, signage, and messaging.

J&J Experience Guidelines


When we pair the attendee journey with relevant messaging at each moment, visitors gain a deeper Johnson & Johnson experience and understanding of J&J’s purpose.

The brand guide encapsulates how to use these strategies and ensures that when J&J presents externally, a tangible and consistent event experience is applied to the environments in terms of scale, footprint, and level of investment. This guide also informs communications with designers, partner agencies, internal teams, and anyone taking part in the creation of a Johnson & Johnson external presence.

Johnson & Johnson didn’t have to go to multiple agencies to determine design, verbal strategy, or the specifics of applying brand to physical space: we took all workstreams to the finish line.

Imagine again walking into a tradeshow. This time, you see the familiar J&J red and multiple opportunities for learning and connection. You tell your colleagues that that booth is worth the visit and start walking that direction.