The world’s largest rental car company evolves its brand and paves the way for more market share.

Fueling expansion through a refresh

Enterprise Rent-A-Car was ready to make a move. The company was poised to go into airport locations as part of a large-scale expansion, and eager to refresh the brand.

The new retail aesthetic sparked updates and modernization throughout the entire Enterprise network.

Modernizing a brand to make a mark

Enterprise created a comprehensive branding solution — graphic design that would translate into game-changing environmental branding. The result was a more streamlined, modernized brand presence, setting the stage for Enterprise to gain market share across several business lines.

Letting the facility facilitate future growth

The business goal was ambitious: Establish a presence in more than 250 airports. The team focused on experiential designs, to dramatically change consumer perception. Enterprise went from being considered an insurance replacement rent-a-car company to being thought of as a full-service rental car provider. Airport locations were analyzed to determine the most impactful environmental branding applications — including back wall systems, rental lobbies, signage hardware, and branded paint schemes. The new retail aesthetic prompted Enterprise to examine its facility design across all of its business lines, resulting in updates and modernization throughout its network.

With a more modern retail presence across its entire corporation, Enterprise is now top-of-mind when consumers look for rental cars.

Back in the driver’s seat

All in all, 1,854 Enterprise facilities were transformed nationwide. The company started to gain significant market share, jumping from 23 percent to over 50 percent in the space of 15 years. By designing and updating every business location, from airports and home city rental locations to car sales lots and other lines of business, Enterprise didn’t just level the rental car playing field — it changed the game.

1.5 million vehicles

Enterprise Holdings’ fleet extends across three brands: Enterprise, Alamo and National.

#1 rental car company

The largest rental car company in the world, Enterprise is two-and-a-half times the size of its next-closest competitor.

7,600 locations

Enterprise has presence in more than 85 countries around the world, from Poland to Peru.

$20.9 billion in revenue

Enterprise’s annual intake ranks it 13th on Forbes’ list of largest private employers.