Avis Budget Group

Shared space leads to shrewd solutions for two rental car leaders.

Two transportation titans merge resources, but not identities

From the time it opened its initial location in 1946 — the first rental car operation at an airport — Avis has been an industry innovator. Budget has sought to serve the costconscious customer since its founding in 1958. When the two companies came together as Avis Budget Group (ABG) in 2006, they retained their two distinct brands; Avis primarily serves business travelers, and Budget delivers a value-driven offering for the leisure customer.

In airports, rental car companies typically operate together in one large facility, separate from the air terminal. Avis and Budget often work together using their combined market share to bid for a single counter space, a strategy that saves money and enables the brands to secure a more prominent location. ABG needed help in maximizing presence for the two brands, each with different goals and objectives, while operating in a shared space.

Solving a signage conundrum

Digital signage brings the Avis and Budget brands to life in close quarters. The wall display behind rental counters is an array of integrated monitors, with a few traditional lighted signs to anchor each brand at opposite ends. The dynamic monitor displays facilitate a big brand statement, promote products and provide helpful messaging for customers.

Moreover, digital signage unlocked the key to allowing ABG to flex between brands. Because each brand serves a distinct audience, the brands’ share of signage needs to flex depending on the time of day or week. On business travel-heavy days early in the week, two-thirds of the monitors may be devoted to Avis; on weekends, when there’s more leisure travel, the ratio reverses.

“We were highly impressed by Monigle’s ability to listen, distill input from all stakeholders and deliver stunning solutions that perfectly conveyed our customer brand strategy and allowed us to dynamically flex brands to meet our real time business needs.”James M. CinnamondVice President Corporate Design & Construction, Avis Budget Group

Shared touchpoints, seamless experiences

In a dual-branded space, signage isn’t the only thing that needs to operate across brands — personnel and materials do, too. For example, associates who serve Avis and Budget customers wear common apparel that works across both brands. A selection of silver, white, charcoal and a range of grays for shared elements — including walls, carpet, furniture and fixtures — ensures that Avis’ red and Budget’s blue both pop against the neutral palette.

The dual-branded experience extends to return the return process, too. The two companies share return areas, and the overhead directional signs feature both Avis and Budget branding.

Digital signage allows brands to switch seamlessly.

A focus on the future means better service today

From rental lobby reader boards to garage ground graphics to suburban store exteriors, the ABG brand guidelines leave no stone unturned — which allows for efficient implementation across the company’s 5,500 locations in 175 countries across the globe. ABG is also focused on anticipating how needs will change as technology advances. Increasingly customers will access their cars through apps rather than counters, and phones will replace keys. As a result, the kinds of devices used to secure and corral cars will evolve in the future.

Now, ABG is better able to reflect technological advancements in facilities and logistics operations, and implement process improvements throughout the organization. “Monigle-designed environments, specifically the brand-flexing digital counter back wall systems, are game changing and currently without peer in the rent-a-car industry,” said James M. Cinnamond, Vice President Corporate Design & Construction, Avis Budget Group. “Our voice of the customer facility scores have soared at new locations and our employees are enthusiastically proud.”

100 million rental days

In 2015, the company achieved this milestone in a 12-month period for the first time, with rentals generated across the Avis, Budget and Payless brands.

30,000 team members

A global network of employees works in tandem to ensure people connect in the moments that matter.

175 countries served

From Albania to Zimbabwe, Avis Budget Group is located all around the world, with 10,000 locations on six continents.

1st in airport

Avis was the first rental car company to operate out of an airport — before that, companies operated in downtowns.