Dear friends and collaborators –

As many of our client partners hit the pause button to take some much needed time off, our office―as well as just about every other agency, consultancy, and business―leaps into planning mode for the year ahead. For us, the last 12 months have been exciting, especially when you consider that we’ve been at this for more than 45 years. From the incredible talent that we’ve added and developed to the hard-working ideas and exciting inspiration that have guided successes with clients to the meaningful impact our brand work is having among the organizations with whom we partner, there are many things to be proud of in 2014.

Over the last couple of weeks, we asked around to understand what our 70+ people thought about the year just passed. With so many perspectives and backgrounds, you may have expected a huge variety of different ideas. Interestingly enough, three themes kept coming up:

  • Quality Work: Our people are committed to delivering the most effective solutions in the branding business. The only thing more important to our team is delivering unmatched client service to anyone with whom we get a chance to work.
  • Integration: We have an incredible diversity of perspectives and skills in our office, which we believe are best deployed by enabling people to cross pollinate ideas. Connecting different mindsets together leads us to more compelling, interesting ideas. It also propels a culture of curiosity and exploration.
  • Teamwork: We believe in the power of brands working hard on behalf of their organizations. To make this happen, we prioritize collaboration and support of one another to drive our individual and collective success. Our people believe in this, and our clients experience it every day.

For us, the energy and excitement around 2015 is already here. We’re continuing to bring together the best minds in branding to propel, and challenge, the way we look at the world. Our offering, guided by the needs of our clients, continues to evolve with new research techniques, the design of new physical and digital touchpoints, and the continued enhancement of the best online brand asset management system on the planet. We are truly reaching from end-to-end in support of how clients can use their brands to create meaningful business value. The unique role we play in the branding world is becoming all the more important to the long-term endurance of our clients, and we are relishing the opportunity to do something different compared to our own competition. Monigle builds enduing brands…brands that work from the board room to the real world and from the digital to the experiential.

And most importantly, we have the best client partners in the world. Our thanks to each of you for the opportunity to help you and your organization to use brand to power your long-term success.

With anticipation,

Your Monigle Team

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December 31, 2014 By Monigle