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Consider for a moment where you get your content. Do you sit with your iPad in meetings or in front of the TV? At work you may be hooked to a desktop computer. At red lights and in waiting rooms are you captivated by your phone?

Clearly, our use of mobile devices to access favorite websites is becoming more and more the norm. Is it conceivable that the day is coming where our standard conceptions of desktop computers and laptops simply morphs or ceases to exist? It’s similar to the rapid change in music delivery. Cassette tapes went to CDs, to minidisk, to iPods to the Cloud. The trends suggest an affirmative to this question, which is why we at Monigle recently redesigned our website as a responsive website.

Why we redesigned our website

Ultimately, technology demanded us to make this move, yet, as technology and society progresses to greater digital capabilities and to greater demand of said capabilities, we can’t afford to ignore what is plainly in front of us. How much opportunity and reach is lost by a company that does not position itself for mobile visibility? If everyone is utilizing their mobile devices to reach your brand, will your brand simply get lost without the right technology? Responsively designed websites are the ideal solution to this issue – an approach that accounts for all browser technologies, current and forthcoming, with no guess work involved in accommodating the demand.

The great power behind responsively design websites is that they are agnostic to the technology accessing them. That means that whether the displays are large desk-based screens, or the hand held 300-pixel wide variety, the website is usable, useful, and a productive business asset. Check Monigle’s website out on your phone. It doesn’t skip a beat in comparison to the version you may be looking at now.  It’s key that we get out of the business of predicting and accounting for the multiple variants of technology, and we open our arms to any and all technologies that may interact with a brand. For us, our responsively designed website at Monigle.com ensures we are relevant to any interested party, no matter how they choose to interact with us.

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Jesse Day
August 8, 2013 By Jesse Day