Bringing LCMC Health to life

You know the feeling.

The feeling when someone goes above and beyond. The feeling when you know someone has gone out of their way—just for you. Where you find yourself saying “Oh, you didn’t have to!” or “Oh, you’re too kind!”

That feeling is LCMC Health.

  Nurse with Balloons LCMC Health LCMC Tabling

LCMC Health—the system name that didn’t have a clear identity compared to its five New Orleans hospitals—decided to make an entrance this past week. And in New Orleans, they know how to make an entrance.

To the beat of a local brass band steeped in the style and sound of the unique city, a trolley car branded ‘The Little Extras Express’, and employees second-lining down the hallways of each hospital—this brand’s launch was something of envy, and was the best way to bring the LCMC Health system brand to life.

Telling a bigger, stronger, community-focused story, LCMC Health took the stage and shared its role in connecting five hospitals across New Orleans—Children’s Hospital New Orleans, University Medical Center, Touro, West Jefferson Medical Center, and New Orleans East Hospital.

Hearts With Writing LCMC Workers

But back to that feeling—that feeling you get with something extra, whether a big extra or a little extra—it makes all the difference in that experience, right?

As LCMC Health paraded through the streets of New Orleans, the brand owned that little something extra at every hospital, in every community, and for every person, living their brand and embracing all that they have to offer in the place they call home. The competitor down the road shies away from the spirit of New Orleans, opting instead for the “typical healthcare”—and working with LCMC Health over the last two and half years, we quickly learned that they were anything but typical. They were the type to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. To find these little moments and celebrate them. To be bold in their personalities—whether nurse or administrator, doctor or executive.

That’s their brand. It’s how every person at LCMC Health shows up every day. Healthcare with heart—and what a big heart it is.

LCMC Health brings a little something extra to every single experience and goes above and beyond to celebrate extraordinary in a world of ordinary. Celebrating extraordinary is what New Orleans is all about, too, and it’s this incredible synergy that makes this healthcare brand unique.

Watch out world, LCMC Health is here.


Jordyn Greenberg
May 20, 2019 By Jordyn Greenberg