PNC DayMaking a trip to the ATM can be just about as mundane as tying your shoes or brushing your teeth, right? As bank customers we don’t expect much except to pull out some cash and see how low our balance has become. While that may be a typical banking consumer’s expectation, it didn’t limit PNC Bank‘s vision in creating a new drive-up ATM experience.

Instead of looking at the ATM as a typical cash machine, Monigle designed a branded experience that creates an opportunity for PNC Bank to stand out from the crowd. And, to do that we asked ourselves, “why not make going to the ATM a more pleasurable occurrence?”

Taking advantage of the bright, cheerful PNC color system, the latest in lighting technology and unexpected architectural shapes, we created a visual target that is noticeable within the urban landscape surrounding it. The resulting design reflects that PNC understands their customers’ wishes: first, by providing a convenient service and protection from the weather, and, second, by demonstrating visually that PNC is a different kind of place to bank. PNC isn’t satisfied with only providing the expected minimum, but rather they desire to have a design that reflects their vision of being a superior place to do business.

PNC NightOne of the most striking features of the drive-up canopy is the three sided tower that elevates the PNC logo above the canopy for long-distance visibility. Customers must be able to locate the ATM in a single glance and the bright orange canopy with its unusual silhouette draws attention to the structure while providing protection from rain and sun. Lastly, integrated into the canopy itself is a flexible LED lighting tube that provides a halo effect around the entire perimeter in low-light conditions. In addition to being a safety feature it also makes customers feel more comfortable banking at night.

Building a great branded environment entails the right blend of function, branding and unique design attributes that signal that special character that sets our clients apart. With this philosophy we create strength and success by building stronger brands.

This article is part of a series on #OldBanking. It symbolizes the paradigm shift in the banking industry from the traditional transactional model of retail delivery to a customer-centric model focused on creating experiences and fostering relationships. Join the conversation by using #OldBanking on Twitter.

Kurt Monigle is a Principal at Monigle Associates and his passion is Environmental Branding. Despite the designs he creates to save customers from inclement weather, he loves the Colorado great outdoors in all its splendor.

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Kurt Monigle
December 5, 2013 By Kurt Monigle