Meet Jennifer Rivas

Jennifer Rivas came to Monigle in the summer of 2012, bringing her passion for collaboration, problem solving and client service to lead our account team, a group focused on delivering exceptional client experiences. Around the office, Jennifer (we call her Jen) shares her infectious positivity through diligent work, camaraderie and humor. We took ten minutes to grab a glimpse of Jennifer’s personal brand. What we got was a lesson in nature, relationships, projects and…Sprouts.

Monigle: Okay Jen, what’s the first thing you do when you get home from work?
Jennifer Rivas: The first thing I do when I get home from work is…Feed my cat. She’s hungry all day! Her name is Pinky, she has a little pink nose and she’s 13, so she’s getting old. I feed my cat and then my husband and I sit down together and we just talk about our day before we make any plans or do anything for the evening.

Monigle: We know you don’t really listen to music while you work because you like to be accessible, but what would your theme song be?
JR: Well, you know what my theme animal is? A beaver. Because I’m busy as a beaver. You walked right into that one! [Editor’s note: Jennifer has had an affinity for beavers since childhood.] Also, people still ask me if 867-5309 is my number.

Monigle: We so admire your diligence in the office. Why do you like working in branding?
JR: To me it gets at the heart of what companies should be about. I’ve done advertising, marketing and communications in my career, but there was always something missing –the core or essence of what an organization is about. To help clients achieve measurable success I was drawn to working on their most valuable asset, their brand.

Jen and Joe
Jen and her husband Joe

Monigle: You do a lot of project management here, what is one of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on at Monigle?
JR: I have two! The website was one of my favorite projects; bringing together teams to celebrate the work we are all so proud of, showcasing the capabilities that make Monigle unique. From a client perspective, I’m very proud to be part of the KentuckyOne Health team. I feel connected to their vision for bringing multiple entities together to serve the commonwealth of Kentucky, and they’re doing it in a way that’s really motivated by their passion to serve.

Monigle: Who inspires you here at work?
JR: I think [Senior Strategy Director] Lea Long is a big reason why I took this job. She continues to inspire me every day with her ability to think clearly through complex problems. I’m just in awe of how smart she is, but still really accessible and easy to talk to. Beyond that I feel lucky to work with all of the multi-disciplinary teams here at Monigle, like the design team.

Monigle: What is something that makes you proud to be you?
JR: My marriage makes me really proud. It’s just so great. But, on a larger scale, [I’m proud of] the relationships I have with people. They make me happy.

Rapid Five JR
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Monigle: Besides being skilled at relationships, do you have a hidden talent?
JR: I don’t know if it’s a talent, but it is a super-nerd thing; I know a lot about nature. I should probably be a park ranger! Through my volunteer work rehabilitating injured, small, wildlife, I know a ridiculous amount about small animals and birds. It’s not a super power, but I think it’s something people don’t know about me. So my super power would be that I could be a super-powered park ranger and I can fly.

Monigle: I asked for hidden talent, but super power works, too.
JR: Oh, you’re right! How did I get to super power? Hidden talent, that’s totally different. Can I say juggling? I can’t juggle. I’m really strong, though. I could lift you over my head.

When not lifting large objects or pushing sprouts off her plate, Jennifer can be found running around the office, working on, well, everything.




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