For more than a century, David Michael & Co. and Ottens Flavors developed innovative tastes for dynamic middle-market clients in all corners of the food and beverage industry — from coffee to crackers, craft beer to cookies. After each were acquired by leading sensory experience firm International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), it was determined a new brand was needed — one that expressed the agility and service David Michael’s and Ottens’ clients had come to count on, while conveying the capabilities and technologies of IFF.

And so, Tastepoint by IFF was born.

Tastepoint logo

Creating a brand platform

“We created Tastepoint by IFF specifically to leverage both companies’ extensive expertise in the market, while offering the R&D, technologies, and consumer insights that IFF can provide,” said Matthias Haeni, Group President, Flavors for IFF. “This new and innovative go-to-market approach targets the unique needs and expectations of these customers — the speed, agility, and resourcefulness that David Michael and Ottens Flavors have long-provided — powered with technologies for differentiation.”

With a brand platform based on “the perfect blend of heart and science,” Tastepoint is dedicated to uniting skill and soul, chemistry and creativity, freshness and familiarity as it partners with clients to develop high-quality, innovative products.

The new brand was officially unveiled yesterday at the Institute of Food Technology trade show in Las Vegas.

Congratulations to IFF and the entire Tastepoint team. We’re honored to have played a role in helping you reach this milestone as you continue to carry out your vision in the North American market.

June 27, 2017 By Monigle