Sempra Energy is well recognized as a Fortune World’s Most Admired Company and is a leader in diversity and inclusion, being recognized as a best place to work for LGBTQ and gender equality. To ensure the brand lived up to the great work and environment they were building, Monigle partnered with Sempra to create a new vision, mission and values that better captured their unique culture and made it more actionable for the various groups and businesses across the organization.

Being a forward-thinking organization driven toward impact, they wanted to be sure this was more than just words on a page or ‘just a marketing thing’. This had to be authentic and real, continuing to elevate the culture and inspire employee behavior.

High Performance Pyramid


To accomplish this, Monigle helped create an employee rewards program to recognize top performers, reinforce value-driven behaviors, shift culture by highlighting role models, and retain key talent. Named after Sempra’s new vision, the Energy with Purpose Awards are engineered to recognize the hardworking and passionate individuals that make Sempra who it is.

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The awards focus on how they live their values every day, from little ways they go above and beyond, to business altering innovations, to heroic actions they take to make the world a better place. By recognizing the people who bring the brand to life in exceptional ways, these awards signify the importance of truly living the values every day, and the power of aligning business, brand and culture to create an inclusive, high-performing business.


Sempra Energy Awards

Sempra Spotlight Award

Sempra Trailblazer Award

Sempra Beacon Award

Sempra Chairman's Award

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Sempra continues to focus time and energy on how to best appreciate their employees and celebrate living their brand values – every day.

How are you thinking about your brand? Do your employees have clarity into your Mission, Vision, and Values? Do you celebrate and champion those who live it every day?

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Gunnar Jacobs
September 1, 2020 By Gunnar Jacobs