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The creative journey

June 19, 2018

When Public Service Credit Union (PSCU)–an organization deep-rooted in the Colorado community–decided to change its name and brand identity to better match its member and employee culture, a new story began to unfold.

After speaking to over 400 Coloradans, the name Canvas had many meanings to different people. It signified a blank canvas and strong foundation to build on and also pointed to the breadth of services the company offers across the state.

Creatively, this got the team excited. Inspiration was drawn not only from the culture of PSCU, but also from the Colorado communities it serves. The visual identity needed to convey the credit union’s uniqueness and reflect how PSCU helps its members create the lives they imagine, step by step. “While it’s easy to immediately envision a canvas-shaped design, a square or even reference to a painting, we wanted to push beyond the expected and create something unique to Canvas. Something that tells a story about who the people and customers of Canvas are,” said Kristan Butler, Senior Designer at Monigle.

Elements of the design were created from this overall idea as well as the name itself. They convey forward movement and individuality, allowing each member to bring the brand to life using their own imagination. The design reflects how the credit union partners with members throughout their lives; creating a path that is unique and different. This foundation is seen within the interlocking, arrow-style shapes, or integrated stepping stones, that not only help guide people on their journey, but also secretly reveal and form the Canvas name. The welcoming colors–warm greys and orange–are rooted in simplicity and earthiness, reflecting not just the spirit of the brand but also that of the awesome Colorado landscape. The lowercase typeface reinforces the approachable and friendly qualities that can be associated with the brand experience.

Like a woven canvas with fibers that form a pattern to create a strong yet flexible material, the shapes are used to further the identity into a design system that is a flexible and unique weave of design elements. This flexibility enables adaptation of design and communications as Canvas and their members continue to grow in their journeys.

“We were excited to help such an amazing organization tell their story. The creative team knew we had something great when we saw that the excitement on our clients faces matched the passion and excitement in our creatives hearts. We all could see the possibilities of how this brand could grow,” said Sean Coleman, Executive Creative Director at Monigle.

For more about the reveal, visit www.becomingcanvas.com or watch the transformation unfold in this short video.


Revealing the new name and identity

June 5, 2018

Lone Tree, Colorado-based Public Service Credit Union (PSCU) announced today that it is changing its name and brand identity as part of a larger journey to disrupt financial services. Today’s name and logo reveal is the inaugural stage of a much larger brand journey. Between now and Canvas Credit Union’s official launch in August, Monigle and PSCU are actively preparing for a reimagined member and employee experience – one that is built on its people, love and the belief that credit unions have been a best-kept secret for far too long.

Public Service Credit Union’s human approach to financial service transcends the category, yet has been bound by the traditional and often misunderstood definition of a credit union. This rebrand is the organization’s acknowledgment that as an industry, credit unions must do a much better job of showing the benefits of credit unions to consumers. For PSCU, this begins with making what is often a cold, scripted and unapproachable experience something that makes people feel welcomed, important and delighted.

Monigle drove the strategic foundation of the new brand, conducting research with members, employees and the broader Colorado community. This process revealed an unmet need for a financial partner that puts people’s best interests before the bottom line and support for a new identity. Internal interviews and audits revealed a delightfully off-beat culture within the walls of PSCU has shaped the strategic foundation and voice of the brand. “PSCU’s people are lovable. A little quirky. Human. Their culture is already perfectly aligned to deliver an experience that redefines the category. We’ve brought this to life and provided the visual, verbal and experiential tools to make this the Canvas way” said Jenny Vandehey, Strategy Director at Monigle. Monigle chartered an exploration with PSCU to craft the holistic strategy of Canvas, harnessing the powerful culture within to create a refreshing consumer experience.

Monigle’s strategic approach and inside-out process led to a name and visual identity that is worthy of this groundbreaking culture. The name Canvas represents a strong foundation that enables members to chart their own individual path through life. The visual identity brings this path to life, moving forward through elements that combine in different ways dependent on the journey. The colors reflect the warm heart of the brand as well as the earthy tones of the Colorado landscape.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Public Service Credit Union, a brand that has rewritten the rules for what a financial experience can deliver,” said Justin Wartell, Monigle’s Managing Director. “Public Service Credit Union and Monigle are both born and bred Colorado companies; our kindred approach to thinking outside the box enabled us to create not just a brand that fully encompasses the customer journey, but also a powerful process within our diverse and inclusive teams. We were both all in and it shows.”

Today’s reveal invites members and the Colorado community to be a part of the Public Service Credit Union transformation leading up to its August launch. Transparent and inclusive, this journey will reveal more through the coming months as the journey continues.

For more about the reveal, visit www.becomingcanvas.com or watch the transformation unfold in this short video.

June 5, 2018 By Monigle