The advent of the informed and empowered consumer has complicated the marketing and branding landscape. With the deluge of choice and practically unlimited access to knowledge, consumers can now shop doctors and financial advisors the same way they shop products like popcorn and beer.

So Why Should You Care About Redesign as a B2B marketer?

The simple truth is because you can’t afford not to. Our white paper, “Powering Your Brand Through Department Redesign” is centered around how changing consumer dynamics are forcing a revolution among traditional marketing teams. Touching on topics such as successfully engaging empowered consumers, guiding principles for managing enduring change, and how the traditional marketing organization has evolved, the piece dives into five interviews with leading B2B marketing executives. We’ve distilled our learnings from these interviews and over 40 years of branding experience to create something that you can take back and start implementing with your team today.

November 5, 2015 By Monigle