We take for granted how much our lives depend on batteries and how much they have evolved in the last decade. So much so, that it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without them. The Nintendo Wii remote controls? The iPhone you always have within reach? From your handheld to your computer and even the family car—all of these contain a battery. Without the battery, our lives would be a tangled mess. And it’s not just the things that keep us entertained…many businesses depend on large battery power systems to keep them fueled.

So it’s no wonder everyone loves ‘cutting the cord’; the entanglement of wires running to a phone, computer or wireless speaker does not make for an ideal experience.

There’s more to batteries than an Energizer Bunny

The battery industry has an air of mystery and appeal. You know they generate energy and power. But you may not know about the amount of design, critical thinking and support that is involved during the battery creation process. Powering our daily lives are companies with deep engineering talent, innovating constantly, and making things smaller and better without us even knowing.

Recently and relatively undetected, two market leaders came together to form a new company: Inventus.

Inventus Power—a merger between ICCNexergy and Palladium Energy—envisions a day when we will no longer need 10 wall outlets in every room and a power strip plugged into each. Next year is shaping up to be the year that batteries change; “from over the air charging to super-fast, 30-second re-charging” we will see better technologies sooner than we think.The battery power game will change radically over the next decade. Acting as more than just a battery company, Inventus Power will be powering your whole house without a single wire in sight, ensuring you can roam freely with your vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, and even making the microwave portable! Imagine a light bulb that could simply glow in the middle of the room, unplugged from the lamp and power outlet?

Inventus Power is humanizing the battery and power source industry, delivering innovations that will make the technology we rely on more mobile and empower us to do more.

Explore the Inventus Power brand by visiting its website.

Jordyn Greenberg is a Strategy Analyst who is powered to bring out the best in brands. 


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Jordyn Greenberg
November 30, 2015 By Jordyn Greenberg