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Leading brand experience consultancy Monigle has published Humanizing Brand Experience: Health Care Edition. This first-of-its-kind report examines what consumers want from their health care experience and assesses the experiences health care system brands are delivering—identifying some surprising gaps between the two. The report comes at a time of rapid change in the industry and rising costs, prompting consumers to exert more control of their care than ever before. To keep up, health care leaders must first understand how consumer make health care decisions.

“Most brand leaders lack insight into how consumers think about and engage with health care,” said Justin Wartell, Managing Director of Monigle. “Health care brands consistently promote their awards, innovation and clinical quality, but these don’t necessarily add up to what people really want from health care. Instead, consumers hunger for a collaborative, emotionally resonant, resolutely human relationship with providers, at every touchpoint.”

Drawing on research from more than 3,400 consumers, the report ranks 43 brands across 12 U.S. markets, identifying strengths and weaknesses through a truly human experience-centric approach. Scores reflect a battery of experience metrics: functional decision drivers, emotional motivators, reputation, satisfaction, likelihood to use, and likelihood to recommend—all filtered through the lens of overall health care category engagement.

Johns Hopkins Health System holds the top position, ranking among the top three brands in nine of the 13 key drivers and motivators assessed in the report. Massachusetts General Hospital is next, followed by Emory Healthcare, Memorial Hermann and Stanford Health Care.

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May 1, 2018 By Monigle