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Monigle Associates has joined up with a global network of 70+ independent agencies, strengthening its offerings and ability to deliver impact worldwide.

DENVER – March 23, 2023 – As part of a bold new effort to strengthen its independent business model and expand its effective global footprint, Monigle Associates has joined the global independent business network Worldwide Partners Inc. (WPI). With 70+ independent agencies across 40+ countries, Monigle can now partner with agility and ease to help deliver the most powerful and impactful work to their clients by scaling their footprint and offerings through complementary capabilities and vertical expertise of other independent agencies.

“This partnership allows us to truly operate with a global mindset, tapping into the creativity and expertise that exists throughout the world with likeminded independents who share our values and operating beliefs” says Gunnar Jacobs, Principal of Monigle Associates. “While Monigle has a long history of working with global clients, this network will allow us to expand our capabilities to provide a more holistic solution with deeper local expertise.”

With this move, Monigle will be better equipped than ever to serve its clients across brand, marketing, PR, digital, social, and many other diverse and emerging needs. The WPI group offers a wealth of collaborators and expertise, still operating with an independent mindset and agile ability that is core to what has guided Monigle’s successful 50+ year trajectory.

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About Monigle

Monigle is a brand experience company driven by humanizing brands to move people. Now in our 6th decade, we are one of the largest independent brand consultancies in the United States. We’re independent in spirit and in ownership, unbound to both the status quo and shareholders. Fueled by 150 builders and makers across offices in Denver and New York, and remotely across the country, our teams create and deliver powerful brand experiences across a spectrum of services, including insights, strategy, creative, culture, activation, branded environments, and BEAM—the world’s leading brand engagement and asset management platform. We solve problems by putting people at the core and creating memorable moments that drive human impact. Humanizing Brands. Moving People. For more information, visit

About Worldwide Partners

In 1938, a group of independent advertising agencies came together to learn from one another, to grow through one another, and to change the world. More than 80 years later, Worldwide Partners represents a global network of more than 70 independent and diversified market services agencies in over 40 countries who support the world’s most heralded brands across 90 industry verticals. Unlike the traditional agency holding company model, Worldwide Partners does not own the agencies in our network. Our agencies own the network. Worldwide Partners agencies maintain their independence, remaining unencumbered by the restrictions of a parent company while operating within an interdependent framework that cultivates a commitment to collaboration and accountability to deliver maximum business return for our clients. For more information, visit

March 23, 2023 By Monigle