Brand teams are learning that a well-told brand story is no longer reserved purely for internal marketing team members. Instead, teams are exploring what could be achieved if their brand center was also available to the public.

BrandMag ArticleWhat are the benefits of a public brand center and where do we begin?

In our latest article “Why Are Brands No Longer Keeping Their Guidelines Under Lock and Key?” in BrandingMag by our Chief Marketing Officer, Gabriel Cohen, we discuss the positive opportunities of public-facing brand centers as well as how to get started. We also share insights from working with Salesforce to launch their public brand center on BEAM last year:

“We want people to know what makes Salesforce the brand it is, and to understand why we make the decisions we make. So it was obvious to us to include in the public pages our brand origin story and brand promise,” shared Karen Sommerich, Director of Brand Strategy at Salesforce.

Public brand centers will go from an early trend to the standard as the new era of global brand leaders grows. How is your organization staying ahead of the curve? What conversations are you having around brand governance? We look forward to starting a conversation!

Gabriel Cohen
May 28, 2021 By Gabriel Cohen