Our very own, Justin Wartell’s article “What Makes Your Organization Special?” was featured in the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) Trustee Newsletter.

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COVID-19 brought out the very best of the American health care system — health care workers’ humanity, heroism and unwavering dedication to patients’ well-being. The pandemic also beamed a spotlight on what’s not working.

In the “What Makes Your Organization Special?” article, we highlight the many opportunities for healthcare brands in a post COVID-19 world with three potential areas of focus driven by the data and insights from this year’s Humanizing Brand Experience study. Finally, we provide actionable steps to take within your organization for each of the focus areas.

Read ArticleKey Takeaways from the Article:

  • How consumers “think” and “feel” when making decisions about health care brands has not changed — it is only what they “do” that has shifted.
  • Three actions that healthcare organizations should take to reengage consumers.
  • Public disputes and conflicting messages about the coronavirus have led to a sense of national uncertainty about what, and who, can be trusted.
  • Actionable tips on how to maintain and grow trust with patients and communities.
  • Consumers definition of innovation is quite difference than how most healthcare organizations think about innovation.
  • Five steps to defining where you want your organizational experience to play when it comes to innovation.


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Want to learn more about the biggest opportunities for healthcare brands in a post COVID- 19 world? Check out Humanizing Brand Experience: Healthcare Edition – Vol 4 report! Informed by more than 30,000 consumers and with rankings of more than 200+ brands, this year’s report is the deepest, most comprehensive and clearest pre-post COVID-19 view of consumer, brand and experience needs in the healthcare industry.

July 7, 2021 By Monigle