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Our very own Gabriel Cohen, CMO of Monigle, was invited to be a guest on Season 2, Episode 11 of Brands, Beats & Bytes podcast.


Brands, Beats & Bytes describes their podcast as:
Interesting people, insightful points of view and incredible stories on what’s popping and not popping in marketing, tech, and culture you can use to win immediately. Brands, Beats and Bytes boldly stands at the intersection of brand, tech and culture. DC and Larry are fascinated with stories and people behind some of the best marketing in the business. No matter how dope your product, if your marketing sucks your company may suck too.


Key takeaways from Gabe’s visit to the podcast include:

Brands beats and bytes

• As a marketer, embed yourself in the business
• As a marketing leader, set expectations with bosses straight up
• Bring your whole self to work
• Focus on “how” questions, not “what” questions
• For a successful marketing campaign, if it’s working, don’t be so quick to move on
Take a listen to the podcast in full here.



*this podcast was recorded prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

March 31, 2020 By Monigle