In a recent Forbes article, the Forbes Agency Council including our own Justin Wartell provided the Top 10 Tips To Ensure Your Social Media Content Stays On-Brand.

Marketing on social media can be a challenge. Even though it can be difficult, connecting with customers and clients on social networks is too valuable of an opportunity to ignore.


How do you ensure your company’s social media content stays on-brand? Recently, the Forbes Agency Council including our Managing Principal at Monigle, Justin Wartell, shared advice on how to build a strong social media presence that is true to your brand.

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In the 5th tip, Justin mentions the importance of creating a clear brand voice with the right tone and message – the foundation of a compelling verbal identity. He provides helpful tips on how to create a strong verbal identity that’s consistent across channels.

Find more tips like this in the 10 Tips For Ensuring Your Social Media Content Stays On-Brand article!

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June 30, 2021 By Monigle