This article is from Forbes Expert Panel, titled 19 Effective Strategies To Test And Choose The Right Product Name.

Our own managing principal, Justin Wartell, is a member of the Forbes Expert Panel council. In the most recent article, Forbes pulls together the opinions of 19 leading agency experts to explore effective ways to test names for a new product. They discuss the key aspects companies should consider to determine which name will resonate best with their target audience, align with their brand, and be successful.

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Article highlights and summary:

Developing a new brand or product name that will position your company for the future and create enduring value is crucial as it can significantly impact its success in the market. The process should not be taken lightly, and decisions around naming should be informed and expertly guided.

In the article Justin gives his expert advice on choosing a name that’s simple, memorable, and protectable.

He states:

Great names need to do three things for the product, service or organization they represent: 1. Deliver the mechanics—names should be easy to say, understand and remember; 2. convey the right attributes—names should express the brand, positioning, tone and/or value proposition; 3. be protectable—names should be protectable both informally in search and via formal trademark.

At Monigle, we stretch our naming beyond expected and into names that will work hard for each organization. We don’t pull from a giant list of names hiding somewhere in the basement. Instead, we create, analyze, and deliver names that are designed and made to work.

To learn more about naming and the best way to approach developing a new name or renaming an existing brand or product, read the full article here and reach out to us.

July 6, 2023 By Monigle