The third quarter has started remarkably well with two new team members joining us. From creative to marketing we continue to add talented, collaborative and global talent to our dynamic lineup of brand builders.

Meet Marcelo Morato

Marcelo joins our Marketing team leveraging vast international business development experience.

Marcelo Morato joins the marketing team with five years of international business development experience. Working with established brands like Infor Global Solutions and TeleTech, he has a uniquely personal approach to creating impactful connections with influential business leaders. During his time at Infor, he successfully closed an incredibly important multi-million dollar account; while at TeleTech, he created a new business campaign focused on cross-selling, lapsed clients and messaging. The resulting campaign surpassed quota expectations in just six months.

Marcelo’s hardworking, roll-up-your-sleeves philosophy to brand building is precisely what makes him a fantastic addition to our marketing team. His vast international experience working with large organizations will add an additional layer of perspective for our clients. And I’m thrilled to have a fellow Brazilian in the office. – Gabriel Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer

According to Marcelo, life is good right now here in Denver. He lives with his wife, an American citizen who he met while in Brazil, and their five-year-old son. Originally from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, he is a self-titled geek who has an affinity for all things tech related. And like any other Brazilian, he enjoys a long game of fútbol.

Meet Mark Ishaug

Mark Ishaug is a production artist who joins our creative team with more than 20 years of production, design, Web and pre-press experience. Leveraging in-depth agency-side understanding of production processes and procedures, Mark enjoys collaborating with creative staff and excels in the technical aspects of producing a creative product.

Mark Ishaug, Monigle

Mark’s experience is steeped in many different areas of production, which gives him a quietly confident, can-do attitude that boosts the team’s overall capabilities. We won’t let production challenges stand in the way of our design deliverables with Mark on the team. – Mike Herburger, Senior Creative Director

While at Morehead State University, Mark transitioned from studying engineering to design, earning his degree in graphic communications, which to those unversed in creative lingo is the technical side of getting things to print. After college he went to work at various visual communications firms in Minnesota before escaping the mosquitos in search of better weather, which eventually led him to Denver “300 days of sun,” Colorado.

An avid history and science buff, Mark’s energetically curious approach to learning has broadened his worldview and enhanced his approach to design. When he’s not reading an ancient Roman timepiece, delving into a two-part documentary on World War II or re-watching the “Star Wars” trilogy, Mark is also fond of football (both kinds), photography, hiking and music. And, despite his adoration of the sci-fi genre, one of his biggest pet peeves is “Star Trek” director J.J. “lens flare” Abrams.

Welcome Marcelo and Mark!

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July 28, 2015 By Monigle