Takeaways From Purpose-Led Organizations

We have a purpose problem. In the last few years, the “P word” has consumed every conference agenda and podcast in the industry. According to Kantar’s Purpose 2020 study, 76% of marketing leaders believe they have a purpose. But – when asked if they have a plan to put it into action, only 10%* raised their hands.

Understand this: without connecting your purpose to the inner workings of your organization, it’s useless at best. The greater risk is claiming you stand for something that the day-to-day behaviors and decisions of your business don’t reflect. We live in an era of extreme skepticism, and consumers and employees will be quick to call out purpose-washing.

Marketers, it’s on you to ensure that you practice what you preach, and we’re sharing how. When done right, purpose not only builds trust but forces internal siloes to break apart in sweet surrender for the sake of something much bigger. Basically, you can be a hero. In our online session, Living Your Brand: Tangible Takeaways From Purpose-Led Organizations, we share tactical steps you can take no matter where you’re at in the journey towards purpose. During the 40-minute session, you’ll hear stories, ideas and lessons from organizations who truly know how to live their brand – inside and out. Join us on the mission to make purpose real.


*Kantar Consulting, Purpose 2020

Jenny Vandehey
November 19, 2018 By Jenny Vandehey