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The most powerful brands in the world are those that spark positive, human change. When that impact flows through a community and literally changes lives, these are the brands we remember. KentuckyOne Health has been able to do just that. For the past two years the organization has worked on naming, brand development and the launching of an evolved brand built on clear, powerful ideas grounded in serving their communities. KentuckyOne Health is deeply committed to improving the health of all Kentuckians and has built their brand experience around the idea that they are everywhere people need them. With more than 200 locations across the commonwealth, KentuckyOne Health provides residents with greater access to high-quality healthcare.

Through a television, radio, print and online advertising campaign, KentuckyOne Health has conveyed their wide availability and positive impact on the health of Kentuckians. Marie Revenew, Monigle’s Strategy and Advertising Director, shared “We shot in several locations in the state, showcasing how better access to better care enhanced not only the communities’ well-being, but the well-being of the individuals who live within them.” Take a look at the inspiring work they’ve done below.

Serving as a catalyst for change in healthcare is an inspiring story, and one that the KentuckyOne Health brand is enacting so well in its markets. Is your brand sparking change for those that it serves? Is the brand that you’re a part of connecting with humanity at this level?




























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June 6, 2013 By Monigle