Expedited check-in. Preferred baggage claim. Lie-flat seats. Non-stop entertainment. Small plates inspired by a New York restaurant. Full-bottle wine service. A free amenities kit from Birchbox.

Sounds like a first-class flight, doesn’t it?

Actually, it’s a new service from JetBlue called Mint. Already known for its fun personality and different approach to travel, JetBlue is targeting upscale travelers, people who expect a luxury travel experience — and are willing to pay for it. It may come as a surprise, then, that JetBlue Mint fares start as low at $599 one way.

Purveyors of reasonable fares and bold brand moves, JetBlue brings its signature approach to this new offering. But it’s about more than just a new service. By making its premium flights as tweetable as anything to come out of Virgin America, JetBlue Mint has made its coast-to-coast travel package competitive with luxury offers from any commercial airline.

Here’s what JetBlue is doing right …

Brand it

JetBlue branded its new service true to its personality, gained strong visibility and gave people something worth talking about. (There are myriad positive reviews floating around Twitter). More than new seats and entertainment packages, JetBlue has created a brand that exemplifies these offerings. It’s a brand that travelers see, and it’s a brand that they can feel good about choosing.

Package it

More than just a collection of things that JetBlue can provide, this new service is a complete offering that fits under the JetBlue name. When you choose Mint, you know exactly what to expect.

Extend it

JetBlue Mint goes beyond inflight comfort and entertainment; the Mint brand experience encompasses the entire travel journey — everything from how you move through security at the airport to how you pick up luggage at your destination.

Mint is a prime example of JetBlue’s relentless focus on people and how they experience air travel. Not just extra legroom and a free drink but a focus on what people need and want. When you fly JetBlue, your brand experience doesn’t start and stop on the tarmac. JetBlue Mint has transformed the entire travel experience beyond the cabin walls.

Oskar Stucis is a Senior Consultant, Strategy at Monigle.

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Oskar Stucis
January 18, 2016 By Oskar Stucis