Monigle’s transformation reflects the era of the assimilated brand leader.

The variety and assortment of responsibilities that appear in the title of brand leaders has expanded enormously in the last five years. The simple CMO and VP/Head of Brand has gained appendages. Titles such as “Director of Employer Brand,” “Chief Marketing and Experience Officer,” “Head of Culture & Brand Engagement,” “Vice President – Insights, Brand & Corporate Strategy,” and “Head of Change Management, People & Brand” are increasingly commonplace.

These “pick n’ mix’’ titles shine a light on the brand leaders (and their CEOs) that are challenging the role that brand plays crossing into adjacent domains including culture, experience, and innovation, and in some cases even change management and corporate strategy. If corporate identity represented Brand 1.0 and positioning defined Brand 2.0, then the experience era that marks Brand 3.0 is defined by the assimilated brand leader.

Gabriel Cohen
September 25, 2017 By Gabriel Cohen