This article is from Forbes Expert Panel, titled 15 Trends Agency Leaders Expect To Impact Their Work in 2023.

Our own managing principal, Justin Wartell, is a member of the Forbes Expert Panel council. As we kickoff the new year many publications pull together a list of trends that we should expect to see and prepare for. In this article, Forbes draws together the opinions of 15 leading agency experts on the trends we expect to impact our work this upcoming year.

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Article highlights and summary:

Disruption has been constant over the past few years. Therefore, staying updated on the conditions affecting the market is a top priority for smart business leaders in 2023, and agency leaders are no exception. To ensure agencies will be agile enough to pivot and evolve as needed, proactively identifying the trends that promise to have a major effect on the industry this year is key.

Our own, Justin Wartell, highlights a trend we have seen in our work focused on a rebalancing: that organizations are course-correcting (or need to) with an increase in focus on the organization’s employees.

He states:

From a brand standpoint, we’re facing a rebalancing of focus. While organizations have relentlessly pursued consumer-oriented solutions in the creation of brands across industries, we anticipate a “correction” in focus, including a much more purposeful orientation toward employees—both current and prospective. This rebalancing will require broader insight and deeper HR and marketing collaboration.

To learn more about what this rebalancing could mean for your brand, and how to approach it, read the full article and reach out to us to start a conversation.

February 2, 2023 By Monigle