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Whether you follow fashion, are an avid gym rat or just keep up with trends, chances are good that you have heard of SoulCycle, the hotter-than-hot cycling workout based in NYC. Now, let’s rewind for a moment. You may notice that I used the words “fashion” and “gym” in the same sentence. These two words are normally not paired together in branding unless we’re talking Nike, Adidas or Lululemon. However, take note. This is the wave of the future for smart fitness brands. These unique businesses are capturing the passion that devotees feel for their workouts by selling fashionable branded items to wear, use or consume outside of the gym. These fitness companies are turning their brands into lifestyles.


Photo Credit: Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times

SoulCycle, Lithe Method, Flywheel Sports, Pure Barre and Urban Fit Clubs are just a few of the “boutique fitness” brands that have increased their revenue streams, customer retention and acquisition numbers by extending their brands into apparel, food, health and beauty items. These trendy gyms have developed a true evangelical following which is fueling their supersonic growth. At the same time they’re driving real sales with alternative revenue streams, traditionally associated with fashion labels.

You can find out more information in this February 10th piece courtesy of the New York Times.

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Marie Revenew
March 14, 2013 By Marie Revenew