Digital Guidelines

The need for content within organizations has transcended business verticals, and now every team has a need for branded content in some capacity. Companies create an exponential number of digital assets — apps, microsites, other digital content and more — yet the traditional approach to managing brand guidelines is inefficient.

Brand leaders need to think further about how to manage their digital assets. As an emerging best practice, companies can create digital experience guides as a way to deliver digital properties faster and more efficiently, saving time and valuable resources in the process. Brand leaders then integrate these digital experience guides into their brand centers so every brand asset lives in one place, making it easier to create a holistic customer experience and truly deliver on the brand promise.

Read “Build Digital Experience into Your Brand, Reinforce Customer Experience Mindset, and Deliver ROI” to learn how you can use digital experience guides to simplify brand management.

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December 15, 2021 By Monigle