We continue to be heartened by the authenticity and creativity of health care brands in their responses to Covid-19, particularly as it relates to the people and communities that power their respective organizations.

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Rallying People, Galvanizing Culture – UCLA Health

Team LA UCLA Health


Every state, every city has its own unique cultural identity. Southern California is full of sports—heroes, icons, teams and the fans who love them. Even if sports aren’t your thing, “team” is something everyone can understand. UCLA Health launched their #TeamLA campaign to rally the people of Los Angeles in support of health care workers and getting better, together.

Citizens have united behind the hashtag to express their support, gratitude and solidarity, while UCLA Health has partnered with various athletes and athletic teams to provide messages of encouragement, thanks and inspiration. Their message? We all play for #TeamLA.



Team LA Donate Sign


Flipping the Script – Cincinnati Children’s

Dear Caregivers


Health care staff and providers are well-accustomed to delivering hope and healing to patients and caregivers—it’s in their DNA. But what happens when a caregiver flips the script?


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In the wake of Covid-19, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital received a letter from the mother of a former patient. The message was so moving, the creative services team produced a video based on it and distributed it across key employee touchpoints—newsletters, staff meetings and social media.

Take three minutes to experience “From the Heart: Dear Caregivers,” a compassionate message from the other side of the trenches. Brands are sometimes defined as what people say about an organization when they are not in the room. This is where brands are truly defined. In this example, Cincinnati Children’s amplified this message, created without them in the room, to tell a story about who they are and what they care about.


Using Your Voice – Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Thrive


It’s hard to feel like you’re thriving under quarantine, so Kaiser Permanente created an educational campaign urging people to “do the right thing” and help flatten the curve.

The 30-second ad provides simple reminders like hand washing, physical distancing and self-care as ways to “do our part, so that those on the front line can do their part.”


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This straightforward message reinforces Kaiser’s commitment to the health of their communities and delicately maintains their “Thrive” slogan, ending with, “And when this is over, we will all continue to thrive.”

These are just a few more first-rate examples of how to creatively leverage the power of the good you already have going for you—your people and your communities. We hope they’ll serve as more inspiration to tap into your own secret sauce.


If you have other examples you have seen, or if you are a part of a health care organization that is innovating and reinventing your brand in the age of COVID-19, we would love to hear more from you!

Ashton Ferguson
May 5, 2020 By Ashton Ferguson