“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.”

The theme of the 2016 BMA Colorado Gold Key Awards was focused on taking flight and soaring with the BMA team as they recognized various agencies and creatives in the Denver area for their award-winning client work. Tying to the venue – The Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum – the BMA Gold Key Awards was a night that celebrated brand and marketing leaders who have steered their organizations to new heights in the marketing airspace. In fact, our own flight crew brought home some hardware as we celebrated Johns Manville’s win in the “Branding or Rebranding” category.

Flight Notes

In the early phase of my career, I looked at this event as a fantastic opportunity, being surrounded by the creative work that was on display from other agencies, as well as the camaraderie evident among old friends and colleagues. What better way for me to learn to navigate the skies!

1. Know your coordinates.    You know your project, your client and your passion better than anyone else. From tradeshow exhibits and self-promotion campaigns to B-2-B rebrands and video work, there are countless specialties and facets of the marketing and branding world. Each project brings unique challenges, blending your knowledge of the client with your designs, observations, data, and insights. Watching agencies and creatives as they were recognized for their work, there was no mistaking the passion for what we all do – so much pride and energy in the room.

2. Give props to your flight crew.    Don’t forget that your colleagues and peers have helped you arrive at this destination. Our industry thrives on synergy, and when all of the pieces come together – the creative juices, the strategic lens, the business thinkers – we produce better work than any of us could alone.

3. Fly the friendly skies.    It doesn’t take long to realize that everybody knows everybody in the creative world. Watching former colleagues greet each other, anxious to hear about new challenges and laugh over old campaigns, there’s a tremendous sense of rapport. Note to self: appreciate those seated around you. Though you may not always be traveling together, the connections you make with your colleagues are invaluable.

4. Keep climbing.    Continue to push your thinking. Accelerate. Never let average be okay. When the climate changes, look to take a new approach. Gaining momentum will push you to new levels. After all, who wants to just rest after takeoff?

Jordyn Greenberg is a Strategy Analyst who worked with Johns Manville to help push the brand to new heights. Track her flight progress by following her on Twitter @jordygreen11

Jordyn Greenberg
April 28, 2016 By Jordyn Greenberg