Meet Brandi Farley

Up next in Brains Behind the Brands is Brandi Farley, known around here for her go-get-it attitude and her intricate Halloween costumes (last year she won first place in our contest as Hela from Thor: Ragnarok). At Monigle, she’s an industrial designer on our Environmental Team and spends most of her time designing the Bank of America experience as part of their nationwide rebrand. She’s also fresh off a vacation in Hawaii.

Brandi Farley

Let’s give everyone a little more envy, what were you up to in Hawaii?

We flew in for four full days and each day we woke up at 5AM to see sunrises on Oahu. I went scuba diving for the first time and saw dolphins, sea turtles and an octopus. And then I came back to a blizzard… the 2019 Bombogenesis (look it up!).

So, let’s hear a little more about your back story, how did you end up at Monigle?

I was looking for a place to express myself and be around people that I could learn from and one of my college friends recommended it. In life, I’m always looking for balance. I want to be professionally driven, successful, independent, but it’s also just as important to work on personal growth. Monigle allows for freedom to do that.

So where does some of that balance come from, where do you get your inspiration?

Everything? I like seeing people and things in their element and trying to expose myself to as many of those golden moments as I can. What’s inspired me lately is an understanding that there’s a positive and negative in every situation. You have a bit of power to sway it in either direction.

The Monigle brand experience is focused on moving people, in what ways do you do that?

I wouldn’t say I’m an instigator, but I convince people through confidence to do things they might otherwise not do. For me, fear is the worst, pushing past it is what’s exciting for me.

Let’s talk about what you make here. What’s the most interesting and what made it special?

Meow Wolf had an open call in Denver that got over 2,000 submissions. Together, we came up with an exhibit that was like walking through the mind of a creative during a creative process. We had ideas in there. We had epiphanies and roadblocks. It was so fun working with different people.

What else is keeping you busy these days?

Bank of America is like my child. We have a core group that is always essentially on the clock. We’re doing a signage rebrand across all their locations. We’ll probably rebrand 800 sites in the first year. Maggie and I also head community involvement here—we are currently planning for an exciting partnership with a local non-profit. Oh, and I’m starting my own custom furniture business, travel a lot, coach six-year-old soccer, play on multiple co-ed sport teams (depending on the time of year) and I try to see live shows as much as I can.

As someone who doesn’t work with you often, what’s something quirky we should know about you?

When I’m doing detailed and focused work, I listen to mystery podcasts. Specifically, stories of murders and serial killers. John and John have to throw things at me to get my attention. I also keep a box of wine at my desk. I drink it out of a mug, but I have solo cups if anyone needs one.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Telekinesis. I’m limited by these two arms here, but if I could use my brain to move things, I’d get so much more done. And with telekinesis you can move your body, so that’s flying. Double-whammy.

Elspeth Monigle
April 4, 2019 By Elspeth Monigle