Reimagining the Blood Donation Industry

Blood Systems, a massive national transfusion medicine organization, announced yesterday that it is changing its name and brand identity as part of a larger vision to disrupt the industry around the transformative nature of blood donation. The company partnered with Monigle, a leading brand experience consultancy, in this groundbreaking brand reinvention. Leading up to Vitalant’s official public launch, Monigle led an internal engagement and education effort with Blood Systems to integrate the identity throughout the company and invite employees into a collaborative realignment of purpose—at both the individual and organizational levels.

Blood Systems has long been one of the largest blood donation networks in the country, but found that its existing umbrella structure connecting individual blood centers was impeding the organization’s efforts to leverage its scale and network for greater impact, and bolster dwindling donation levels. Research with stakeholders, donors and prospective donors revealed that there is something deeply human and transformational about blood donation, yet these feelings of personal impact and wonder that people experience are often overshadowed by the category’s transactional process and vernacular. Monigle’s strategy leveraged the concepts of transformation, magic and impact to reinvent the organization and challenge an industry that has failed to meaningfully connect with Millennials and Generation-Z.

“This is a shift from treating blood as a taboo topic, to celebrating its wondrous and awe-inspiring potential. It can only come from people. More than ever, young people are awed by science and want to understand how things work. This is an opportunity to bring together science and purpose to help people recognize their own life transforming potential,” says Jenny Vandehey, Strategy Director at Monigle.

The name Vitalant was chosen to signify concepts of life and vitality, while moving away from the same overused words “life” and “blood” that have become ubiquitous in the industry. The new logo—a butterfly “V” incorporating gently shifting, vibrant colors and a sense of energy and movement—embodies the transformation and awe captured in this act of generosity between one human and another.

Last week’s company-wide invitation to employees to become “awemakers” parallels an invitation to the public today to reimagine what it means to give blood, and re-educate the public on the life-altering potential of blood donation—for donors and recipients alike. Additionally, it offers the public an opportunity to harness their collective power to become part of something bigger and to serve the greater good. Community members can learn more and sign up to donate blood at


Vitalant—one of the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit community blood service providers—supplies comprehensive transfusion medicine services for nearly 1,000 hospitals and health care partners for patients in need across 40 states. Vitalant inspires local communities to serve the needs of others and transform lives through the selfless act of donating blood. It operates a world-renowned transfusion medicine research institute, owns a biological products distribution service and co-owns a high-volume donor testing laboratory joint venture.


Monigle, the nation’s largest independent brand experience consultancy, has been at the forefront of redefining how brands come to life in the real world since 1971. Offering a full spectrum of services including strategy, insights, identity, culture, activation, management and branded environments, Monigle works with organizations to build and sustain a hard-working brand that drives long-term growth and a powerful experience. For more information, visit

Chris Binding

Chris Binding
September 25, 2018 By Chris Binding