Monigle and our client, LCMC Health, were recently featured in a Becker’s Health article about LCMC Health’s sky-high ranking as a trusted health system.

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In 2020, LCMC Health ranked #85 on our list of top health system brands according to consumer research in the Humanizing Brand Experience report.


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In 2021, after working diligently with us to humanize their brand, consumers boosted them to #8, according to the Humanizing Brand Experience Vol 4 research. So what happened? Monigle and LCMC Health partnered to reimagine a system where people and community take a front seat, and the work paid off.

Want to learn how to best connect with your audience? Check out the key insights that LCMC Health’s CMO, Christine Albert, says changed their ranking and more importantly, the perceptions of patients in the article “Joyful and Human: LCMC Health’s path to becoming the 8th most trusted systems in the country.

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March 1, 2022 By Monigle