The American Medical Group Association (AMGA) was originally founded in 1949 when a number of physician leaders came together to investigate the ways in which they could better learn from one another.

For over 60 years, the organization’s mission and purpose resonated in the hearts and minds of its audiences, consisting of medical groups and corporate partners. Over the past decade, as individual medical groups have been snapped up by large health systems, AMGA had begun losing the core audience it was created to serve. The future of the organization now depended on its ability to adapt to the changing environment. Essentially, AMGA needed to shift its business strategy to align with the changing tide in health care and its audiences.

In response, AMGA has focused on developing a new set of analytics, consulting, and other new services to empower health care leaders with the necessary insights and knowledge needed to advance health care. As AMGA continued to propel itself forward in an ever-changing market, it became clear that the business had outpaced the brand. The organization needed to better reflect AMGA’s transformation, as well as its commitment to advancement and partnership. Moreover, with the addition of new entities, it was imperative that AMGA establish closer relationships within the brand’s corporate family – tying the foundation, analytics team, consulting organization, and additional affiliates even more closely to communicate the portfolio of offerings.

The time was right to reassess the brand to ensure it reflected AMGA‘s true identity and where the organization is going.

On March 11, 2016, AMGA unveiled a new brandmark and positioning line at its annual conference in Orlando, Florida. The President and CEO of AMGA, Don Fisher, and Chairman of the Board, Donn Sorensen took the stage to present an overview of AMGA’s history. Following this presentation, the two members rolled out the newly created brand video to an audience of over 2,200 health care executives and physician leaders.


Advancing the AMGA Brand

“Over the past 50 years, AMGA has been a leader in health care, and now is the time to advance our brand, change our brand, and enrich our brand for the next 50 years.” – Donn Sorensen, Chairman of the Board, AMGA and President, East Region, Mercy

Anchored in a newly crafted brand platform that’s firmly rooted in the organization’s goal of steering the future of health care, AMGA was able to carry forward its fundamental objective while elevating the new identity. The brand story was conveyed in an impactful, modern, and advanced manner that continues to resonate with its members and external audiences.

With the brand platform finalized, four key messages emerged to communicate the brand’s transformation.

The new brandmark typified the organization’s commitment to Advancing High Performance Health. The multifaceted treatment of the symbol design is a visual expression of the many areas of the organization as well as the vast skills and expertise of its members – all weaving together with precision to form a modern mark, illustrating a strong sense of direction and focus. The upward angle of the design conveys the organization’s leadership and direction – characteristics that emanate from the solid foundation and heritage that is AMGA.

The skyward movement and transition of the color in the symbol, radiating from blue to bright green, reinforces the brand positioning: Advancing High Performance Health. The color treatment moves the viewer’s eye forward and upward in the design to represent the positive transformation of the AMGA brand as well as the progression of the health care industry in its entirety.

The hard work of activating the brand has only just begun and we will be working closely with AMGA to implement a plan that galvanizes internal teams around the new brand, creates efficiencies, and builds long-term, sustained brand value.

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James Parker
March 21, 2016 By James Parker