What’s old can be new again. That was the goal for one of the oldest-newest brands in the world, NN Group, a 175-year-old $6B company split from ING Bank. Despite being around for over a century, the brand team knew that doing the same thing for yet another year was simply not a viable option. Enter Frank Lina, Brand Manager at NN Group: Frank had an exciting plan to reinvigorate the NN Group brand experience, not just for customers, but for internal teams and stakeholders as well.

Monigle Brand Meeting

The brand promise “You Matter” needed to be felt across the organization and ingrained in everything that NN Group did, from interactive training, to briefing generators and digital guidelines, and so much more. The birth of the NN Brand Portal allowed “You Matter” to truly come to life, providing an interactive, unified platform that would drive adoption and engagement of the brand promise.

We were fortunate enough to have Frank join us with Monigle CMO Gabriel Cohen, as he walked us through the NN Group brand management tool, and how both the portal and the “brand concierge” mindset bring to life the commitment of “You Matter.” No matter the industry, the basic elements of their process can be applied to anyone looking for a more holistic brand experience for their organization.

Here are five of our favorite takeaways that all brand leaders need from this webinar:

Lesson 1:

Integrate brand into onboarding of new employees – Resources need to be available for new employees on Day One so that they can understand and engage your brand right out of the gate, empowering them to be lifelong brand advocates.

Lesson 2:

Design drives engagement – your brand asset management solution should be living up to the expectations and look and feel of your external reputation and is critical for brand consistency.

Lesson 3:

Segment content by audience – not all employees have the same needs – be thoughtful on how different groups of employees engage with the brand. Make it personalized and specific to the needs of each group.

Lesson 4:

Showcase the “best of brand” – Highlight where your people are using the brand in the best way with a “best of brand” showcase. Keep the feedback channels open so that you can listen to what is working best for your employees and refine and enhance accordingly.

Lesson 5:

The brand center can amplify initiatives beyond brand – innovation is key in business and in brand alike. Use the brand center to amplify initiatives beyond brand to help evolve the brand overall.

Didn’t get enough here? Don’t worry, there are so many more lessons and actionable insights in the full webinar. We will be making this webinar available for viewing in the coming days, so make sure you register to see the full webinar and don’t miss out on getting these insights for yourself. Our team is happy to dig deeper or provide “behind the scenes” demos. Follow us on social to see more of what we, and our clients, are up to!

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Jackie Cutrone
November 22, 2019 By Jackie Cutrone