If you’ve read this year’s Humanizing Brand Experience report, you already know. It’s time for health care leaders to rethink and expand their definition of experience and take action to humanize their brand before it’s too late. After years of talking about the increasing importance of experience, we’re now in a moment of truth. Health care brands need to get ahead or get ready to get out of the way for newcomers on the scene.

With time of the essence, we’re giving health care brand leaders an opportunity to access the newest data, insights and action-items before the rest of the industry. By signing up for a subscription to our Humanizing Brand Experience study, you’ll receive early access to the latest insights, tailored advice from our team of experience experts, and customized reports that showcase how your brand measures up.

This year marks the third installment of our boundary-pushing, first-of-its-kind report on how to build better health care brand experiences.

Three Reasons to Humanize Brand Experience:

1. Get a head start with the latest insights

 Consumers are demanding better experiences, and they’re demanding them yesterday. As a subscriber, you’ll get access to the latest insights driving health care consumer perceptions, decision-making and behavior—and, you’ll get a head start on turning those insights into action before anyone else with preliminary insights delivered months before the report hits the market.

2. Unlock new conversations

Last year, we explored new audiences, new consumer segments, and new ways of thinking about brand experience. And in Vol 3, we’ll continue to push the conversation beyond the traditional views of brand, marketing and “patient experience.” This includes a deep dive into the relationship between brand experience attributes and key industry measures like HCAPHs scores. Get the data you need to further conversations internally as you lead your organization into the future.

3. Equip your team to make change happen

As a health care brand leader, you’ve probably been pushing for change for years. With advanced access to our latest experience research, you’ll have the talking points and insights you need to equip your team to make their point and make stuff happen—with the data to back you up, earlier than ever.

Access to all of this and more? It’s what we like to call a no-brainer. If you’re ready to get a head start on building better experience, learn about subscribing today.

Justin Wartell
September 16, 2019 By Justin Wartell