Rebrands favor the bold. Especially when a company changes strategic course, undergoes a major episodic event such as a Merger & Acquisition, or doubles-down on their key tenets. We say it all the time, a new brand is much more than just a change of symbol—it’s truly a symbol of change. Using your new brand to drive your desired narrative is critical, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.


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To help make the rebrand process a little smoother, we’ve put together our top 10 tips and tricks to nail your rebrand:

  1. The path isn’t as important as the journey – remember the ‘whys’ and let the journey guide you to the right destination
  2. Drive alignment across leadership on how “big” the rebrand is and how much change you need to signal – is it about an evolution or transformation?
  3. Establish clarity between those who can approve recommendations and those providing input, otherwise, no timeframe is long enough
  4. Beware of barriers in the guise of sacred cows, but honor those grounded in your core truths
  5. Truth without aspiration is boring while aspiration anchored in truth is inspiring and long-lasting
  6. Don’t focus on internal vs external, focus on the intersection of internal and external
  7. Leverage experiential triggers and multisensory opportunities to bring your brand to life in ways that are surprising, powerful, and memorable
  8. Remember, your best brand ambassadors are already working for you
  9. Establish clear and measure-able success criteria to justify ongoing investment to build brand value
  10. Remember that once the new brand has launched, the transformation and hard work have only just begun


A long road with ups and downs


While the path may not always be clear, the journey you’re about to embark on represents great opportunity for your brand. Done successfully, the rebrand can help you compete in a cutthroat market, empower your team with a North Star rally cry and convert brand skeptics into brand loyalists.


What conversations is your organization having around a rebrand? We love digging into rebrands and its implications, reach out to us – we’re here to chat!

Gunnar Jacobs
March 25, 2022 By Gunnar Jacobs