It's how we are.

We’re misfits and makers.

Iconoclasts and innovators. Collaborators and can-doers. We enjoy exceptional opportunity: to contribute, to grow, to make an impact. We use our imagination to dream up unexpected ideas, and our experience to make them a reality.

We’re more than a company—we’re a community.

A case of the Mondays looks different at Monigle. Imagine returning to work from the weekend happy to see your colleagues, and excited to dig back into your latest project. That’s what we get to experience on a weekly basis, because we’ve built a team of smart, savvy, sociable professionals who love what we do. Of course, you still can’t beat Fridays—which is why you’ll likely find us clinking a celebratory bottle of stout or IPA from our always-stocked beer fridge come three o’clock or so.

We play as hard as we work.

When you spend almost as much time with your work family as your real one, it’s important to feel connected to your colleagues. That’s why we provide plenty of bonding opportunities: a cycling club, monthly catered lunches and happy hours, regular departmental outings, a big annual holiday bash… the list goes on. And when having fun means disconnecting from us, don’t worry—there’s plenty of opportunity for that, too.

Join the team.

If you’re excited to carve your own path, challenge convention and reimagine the brand experience, you’ve come to the right place.