SmartLinx Rebranding

Leading workforce management solutions provider SmartLinx unveiled its new brand today, a strategic initiative that follows in the footsteps of the company’s latest software release, SmartLinx 6. Working with Monigle, the SmartLinx team created a brand that embodies and advances its promise to optimize human potential.

“SmartLinx has undergone tremendous growth over the last few years,” said Marina Aslanyan, CEO of SmartLinx. “We’ve been busy expanding our products’ capabilities and, with the recent launch of SmartLinx 6, we realized that our brand needed a refresh in order to truly represent the core of what we do and the value we provide to our customers.”

The new brand goes beyond a practical, functional product and highlights SmartLinx’s purpose-driven approach to serving its 4,300 customers and their 630,000-plus employees. In connecting the organization’s reputation as a best-in-class technology provider with its people-focused mission, the brand positions SmartLinx for differentiation in and expansion beyond its category.

The new visual and verbal expression highlight SmartLinx’s role as the brains behind the operation, the voice that cuts through the clutter for customers. The streamlined typeface of the new logo reflects how SmartLinx simplifies complex tasks and processes, while its true-blue hue underscores how the company’s solutions bring clarity to users.

“At SmartLinx, we’ve always been about the people, the day-to-day users of our solutions at all levels in the organizations,” said Naor Chazan, SmartLinx’s Executive Director of Marketing. “Our solutions liberate people to do their best work and overcome the barriers to productivity. We wanted everything about the new SmartLinx brand, from the colors and fonts to the messaging and visuals, to powerfully convey that spirit. And it’s why our new logo is unpretentious and unassuming—it’s not about us, it’s about customers and their success.”

Congratulations to SmartLinx on the launch of your new brand. It’s an honor to partner with you in your quest to transform your category by simplifying the complex and harnessing the potential of your customers’ greatest asset: people.

May 9, 2018 By Monigle