UCHealth: Coordinated efforts for employee recognition

Sharing positivity and energy

All around the world, populations are coming out in force to recognize the extraordinary efforts of health care professionals. The challenge is; how do we make it easy for people to show their appreciation and recognition, and how do we get these messages in front of worn out front-line workers who are too busy to check their phones to give them a boost.

UCHealth is a shining beacon of applying a coordinated, coherent strategy using principles of brand, experience design and creativity.

Say Thank You

UCHealth says thank you

A landing page on website allows anyone to send a message, picture or video of gratitude.


You can write your own note on UCHealth’s Thank You page and see the hundreds of notes posted by the community.

Peyton Manning says Thank You to UCHealth

Relationships and sponsorships with influencers create reach and model behavior





Source: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2020/03/29/peyton-manning-uchealth-coronavirus/

Shared on Linkedin

Assets were designed to make it easy to share and spread

Walkway into hospital

Messages are written on the path from employee parking lot to hospital to give a boost at start and end of shift

Executives bolstering 1:1 recognition

Doctors being thanked

Executives are in the medical facilities recognizing individuals.