Statement from Monigle

We here at Monigle, just like many of you, find ourselves in new territory – uncharted, scary, overwhelming, but also an opportunity to refocus on what is important and to embrace the most fundamental aspects of humanity. Everything seems to be changing and shifting day-by-day, hour-by-hour – with information that can take us in different direction, dragging our psyche further into confusion.

We don’t claim to be experts on Covid-19 – you will not hear us giving advice on how to handle the situation from a health perspective. We rely on our incredible colleagues in healthcare to deliver us the right and valuable information that we need to make the best decisions in that space as possible. And we thank them for the unwavering and tremendous effort they have shown, and will continue to show, to our communities. We have heeded their advice and all of Monigle – in Denver and NYC – are working from home, still here for our clients and their needs, but taking the time and responsibility to socially-distance, to begin to slow the spread of the virus. The importance of one person cannot be underestimated.

But we are also here to help. To support. We are human first, and in moments like these, taking the most human approach is what we all need – connect, care, and love.

Whatever we can do to support our clients, our communities, our cities, our world in this crazy time – we want to do. If we can provide advice, if we can provide connection to experts, if we can provide quiet, silent support, we will. Our communities are built and sustained based on how well we care for one another. This will be a true test of our human commitment to one another.

Stay safe – we support you.

Rick Jacobs
Principal – Monigle