Developing the Microsoft Expression

Environment strategy
Visual identity
Brand training
Brand videos
Illustration principles
Product visual systems


Microsoft had a strong set of identification based equities, however, the expression did not allow for stretch to all products and initiatives, and did not allow for storytelling with deeper emotional connection.


We created a tonality spectrum that allowed us to build identities and initiatives that are inherently Microsoft but allow for differing expression for different purposes.


Microsoft brand work

General Visual Principles

Microsoft brand work
Microsoft brand work

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Microsoft brand work
Microsoft brand work

The New Microsoft Experience


Our brand is alive with emotion. It lives and breathes. It draws you in. Creating a feeling of intimacy and closeness.


Our brand is dynamic. It energizes and activates. Excites and ignites. Creating a feeling of optimism and potency.


Our brand is rich and layered. It heightens your awareness and deepens your perspective. Creating a sense of magnitude and scale.

Microsoft brand work
Microsoft brand work

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