Humanizing Brands Collective

Dive into the biggest issues facing health care brand marketing and experience leaders, today.

What is the Humanizing Brands Collective?

Started in 2020 in response to the rapidly shifting health care landscape, Monigle’s Humanizing Brands Collective (HBC) is a working group of industry peers and experts, intent on learning, adapting, and improving our offerings.

We meet monthly and correspond weekly to dig into the biggest issues facing health care brand, marketing and experience leaders today. From proprietary research to expert speakers, thought leadership flexes to address the most pressing needs.

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“This dialogue has opened my eyes to the virtual patient experience ... it's not just a channel. It's given me a lot more to take back to the team than just the functional.”-Northwell Health, Humanizing Brands Collective member,

Topics We’ve Explored

Monthly topics are determined by our members’ needs, and cover a wide range:

  • The intersection of COVID-19 and growing D&I efforts
  • Patient perceptions and expectations around virtual care
  • The evolving primary care landscape
  • The definition of trust in healthcare
  • How to engage young adults in healthcare and on social media
  • Patient perceptions of and expectations around the COVID-19 vaccine

Interested in joining?

We offer a range of membership options to suit all needs and budgets

Looking to learn more about how your market is responding to the coronavirus? We offer monthly tracking in your geography, with or without a custom quantitative module.

More intent on actively problem-solving with a group of Monigle experts? Put your dollars against work sessions and custom 1:1 meetings instead.