Humanizing Brand Experience: How Leaders Build Meaningful Connections

Watch this webinar replay on demand to learn about the implications of the inaugural Humanizing Brand Experience report, and the best practices Johns Hopkins Health System uses to deliver a top-ranked experience.

If you think you know what health care consumers want, think again.

Drawing on insights from 3,400-plus consumers, the groundbreaking new study Humanizing Brand Experience dug deep into the experiences delivered by 43 health care system brands in 12 U.S. markets. The findings uncovered a gap between what consumers want and what systems are offering.

Watch the webinar on demand today to hear from Dalal Haldeman, SVP Marketing and Communications at Johns Hopkins Health System, and Justin Wartell, Monigle’s Managing Director.

“Loved the compare and contrast between personalization and individualization; there is a nuance there that likely is not widely appreciated.”Humanizing Brand Experience: How Leaders Build Meaningful ConnectionsHosted by The Forum for Healthcare Strategists, and Monigle

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