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Now is the time to create more human health care experiences

Our first three Humanizing Brand Experience reports provided rich insights about consumers, brands, and experiences, and enabled leaders to build more meaningful, human connections. Don’t miss this moment to be part of the next report. Subscribe to Humanizing Brand Experience Volume 4 today!

This report is your rocket fuel—with the data and insights to shape and lead the change in your organization to more human health care experiences in a COVID-19 world.

Built by Monigle’s own expert Experience Insights team using a proprietary approach to understanding and building brand experiences, the Humanizing Brand Experience research and reports have changed the way health care marketing leaders view and manage experience. The insights provided in our first three reports enabled brand leaders to mobilize key team members, break down silos and to create a movement in their organizations by providing a new, multi-faceted and actionable framework for thinking about their brands.

The next report will delve even more deeply into how COVID-19, consumerization, and technology changes have impacted the quickly evolving consumer mindset, changed expectations and shaped behavior that will last far into the future. Deconstructing how choices are made in health care will equip the modern brand leader to fully understand and leverage the power of brand and build better experiences. You need these unique insights to drive authentic, human connections with your consumers.

Don’t miss this moment to be part of Humanizing Brand Experience Volume 4.

Humanizing Brand Experience has become required reading for our entire executive team.”Amy StevensVice President of Marketing and Communications, Tidelands Health

Benefits of Subscription

Be part of the 2021 Humanizing Brand Experience report. As a subscriber to Humanizing Brand Experience, you can maximize this powerful tool for you and your team, including:

  • Personalized Brand Dashboard
    • Access to a detailed dashboard for your brand data + any 3 competitors of your choice. These competitors can be from your local market, or they can be national brands you want to benchmark against.
    • Robust data on all facets of the brand, not just functional, but also emotional, behavioral, and sensorial as well as funnel metrics for more traditional comparisons.
  • First Access to the Insights Exclusive access to findings for you and your organization delivered months prior to the national launch of the report and rankings so you can take action sooner.
  • Full Print and Digital Report Get the full Humanizing Brand Experience, Volume 4 publication, in both print and digital formats, including full brand rankings.
  • Executive Presentation A deep dive into your brand dashboard, as well as an executive summary of key study highlights, trends, and implications, for you and your team.

New to Volume 4 Report

  • The clearest COVID-19 impact readout on brand and experience This is the only study with national, in-depth pre-COVID-19 data going back 3+ years and post-COVID-19 brand and experience analysis that will help answer all your critical questions. 
  • Cherry pick and benchmark against any brands you choose This robust national study is so big and diverse that you can pick the competitor brands whose data you want to include in your dashboard.
  • Get access to data on disruptor brands who are going to pose the biggest competitive challenges to your future success. Know the competitors who are coming for you in the post-COVID world.
  • Optional add-on membershipJoin the new Humanizing Brands Collective. With this selective working group, future-oriented health care leaders have access to best practices, leverage first-to-market custom research, apply thinking quickly to their own brand experiences and share what they’ve learned with one another.

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